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How do we prepare children for the future when we just don’t know what it will be like? How can we ensure that their learning takes them to where they need to be?


At Lindfield Montessori, we prepare children for any possibility.




We focus on the ‘how’ quite a lot. How to be patient, resilient, compassionate,

collaborative, caring, persistent, courageous, peaceful, respectful and creative to name a few…You see, these lessons are part of our everyday learning. How we invite children to learn is the biggest difference at Lindfield Montessori. It’s a combination of the beautifully prepared learning environment, the Montessori trained adults and the focus on the individual within the children’s community.


We sometimes say that your child is offered the ‘keys to the world’ over the Montessori journey. The children just say, ‘we are having fun’.


We invite you to come and see the difference.

Their future, in the present.

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