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A place for your child to Grow, Learn and Thrive

Lindfield Montessori Preschool is a caring, non-denominational learning environment for 3 – 6 year old children of all backgrounds. We believe that education is not only an aid to life, but it should also be fun.

At Lindfield Montessori we promote respect for self, others, the environment and the community as a whole. The educators maintain close partnerships with families and it is through these strong relationships that we all contribute to each child’s learning and development.

We aspire to create an environment true to the Montessori philosophy in which our students will thrive. Our staff are AMI (Australian Montessori International) trained and dedicated to delivering a progressive and integrated Montessori curriculum.

Our Montessori approach to education has been implemented in schools and preschools across the world for over 100 years.

Within the school environment, individualised and independent learning occurs in mixed age classes, where choice of activities, collaborative work and hands-on-experiences are part of everyday learning. These enriching experiences are based on the child’s individual developmental stage and facilitated by their class Directress.

Lindfield Montessori:

  • Aims to provide an environment that encourages independence

  • Provides a prepared environment to cater for the holistic needs of the child

  • Values family partnerships that are based on mutual respect and open communication

  • Links the child’s home environment to the classroom environment reinforcing learning and promoting the child's unique and valuable contributions

  • Our school delivers the NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA) K-6 Curriculum as well as the outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework

  • Is registered to deliver the first year of school, using the NSW syllabuses for the Australian curriculum using Montessori principles and methods

  • Partners with families to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children can be supported as life-long learners.

"...collaborative work and hands-on-experiences are part of everyday learning

Who We Are
Meet Our Educators

Meet our Educators

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a school is whether the school employs high-quality teachers and assistants. 

Our educators have over 35 years of combined teaching experience, combining their skills to effectively teach the Montessori principles and methods.

Our educators use Montessori principles and methods as a guide promoting a link between the child and the environment. The educators prepare the environment using natural, hands on concrete experiences to nurture the child's ability as a creative, disciplined, motivated and independent thinker. 

Our low student educator ratios allow for an individualised program for each child. Through detailed observation, our educators gain an insight into each child’s interests and needs and collaborate as a team to plan individual and small group learning programs.



Principal / Directress

Marina has worked in education for over 20 years, with teaching experience ranging from preschool to Year 12. She has a Bachelor of Teaching (primary & secondary) / Bachelor of Arts / Technology, holds the AMI Diploma in Montessori Studies (3 to 6 years) and the MWEI Primary Diploma in Education.

The lead teacher in a Montessori classroom is traditionally called a director/directress, as their role is to help guide the children in their own learning.

Marina holds a Current First Aid Certificate, including Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Toddler Group Coordinator
Assistant Educator

Ashleigh has been working in Early Childhood Education for 13 years, with 9 of those years working in a Montessori early learning environment as an Assistant.

She has completed a Diploma in Children's Services as well as a AMI 0-3 Diploma.

Ashleigh holds a Current First Aid Certificate, including Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Assistant Educator

Hyun has been working in Montessori Education for over 10 Years. 

Hyun holds an AMI 3-6 Assistants Certificate, as well as a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and care. 

Hyun holds a Current First Aid Certificate, including Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Our Committee

Lindfield Montessori Society is a not-profit organisation. Each year a committee of parents is elected from the members to support the school in conjunction with the staff.

Cerencan Guney

Casual Vacancy

Vice President

Brian Lui

Casual Vacancy

Katie Hawthorne

Ordinary Member

Our Strategic Plan
Our Committee

Finding the right preschool can be difficult.
We've answered some common questions to help you get a better understanding of our School's philosophy and values.

  • What is Montessori?
    Montessori is an educational philosophy created by Maria Montessori in Italy 125 years ago. It is a stage based, child centred educational method which has been adopted by schools in 117 countries worldwide.
  • What are the benefits of a mixed-age group classroom?
    A mixed-age group classroom is one of the cornerstones of a Montessori environment, offering children the chance to be grouped together by stage. Younger children benefit from seeing what comes next and the positive modelling of behaviour by the older students. Older children benefit from reinforcement and the confidence built by being a leader within the classroom.
  • When should I enrol my child?
    It is never too early to enquire. Although children aren't able to start at Lindfield Montesspri until they are 3 years of age, you are able to enrol at any time beforehand. We finalise enrolments in the year before your child turns 3, at which point you will be asked to confirm your acceptance of a place at the school and pay a placement fee.
  • Are you selective with your enrolments, as all the children seem to fit the environment so well?
    We are not selective. We take children at the stage they are at and support them to learn the skills such as making choices, knowing how to return work to the shelf, how to walk rather than run in the classroom, how to ask for help with their activity and so on. The children also learn from each other, and this is one of the great aspects of a mixed age group. Our environment is set up to cater to the needs of children between the ages of 3-6 years. The choices of materals consistenly interest children because they are meeting a developmental need - not just an academic need but a physical need too.
  • My child doesn't behave like the children I see here. I just can't see them being able to do this...
    A new 3 year old child is not usually able to achieve what a child who has been in the Montessori environment for 6 months or longer can do. This is usual. The children in our environment spend much more individual time with new children to support them in learning the skills that they will use to be part of the Montessori environment. We begin to step away from offering as much help as the child becomes more confident and able. We are experienced and have met and worked with many different personalities. We work closely with families to support each new child to become part of our community.
  • Do you accept children into the program at age 4 or 5?
    If places are available we are happy to accept enrolment of older children, please enquire to find out whether we currently have places open in your child’s age group
  • Does my child need to wait to the beginning of a year or term to start?
    No. Children’s start dates are staggered throughout the year, based on when they turn 3 years old. Each child is given their own starting date, as it is much easier to learn the routines when entering a classroom where the other children are already settled in, as your child can then learn from watching others. As learning is individually planned, there is no need to be ‘up to’ anyone else.
  • When is the school open?
    Our calendar usually runs within the NSW school term dates and closes during the school holidays. Usually the first and last days of term are pupil free days to allow for preparation of the environment and staff development. Our term dates can be found here.
  • Do you offer out of hours school care?
    Yes, we offer a before school care program which operates from 7.30am to 8:30am. For more information click here.
  • Why is there a preference for the children to attend 5 days a week?
    By attending 5 days a week, children get to build a regular morning routine and a ‘little society’ of the same group of children is built. There is much to offer and do in Montessori and we need time for children to enjoy the many experiences.
  • Are there any discounts available to reduce my fees?
    The NSW Government is providing fee relief to families through the Start Strong Affordable Preschool initiative as part of the Early Years Commitment. Families with children who are at least 3 years old on or before 31 July 2024 and who are enrolled in a community or mobile preschool service may save up to $4,220 each year. The funding for your child’s fee relief will be provided to our service, directly from the NSW Government, and we will pass this fee relief on to you as a reduction to your fees. You cannot receive fee relief at more than one early childhood education service. Children who have been formally diagnosed with a condition that requires additional support, may also be eligible for further fee reductions.
  • How do the children learn across all areas if they are allowed to choose their own activities?
    Each child is given a presentation of how to complete an activity individually or in a small group by the directress. They are then allowed space to work on it independently. In their first few weeks they build up a repertoire of activities, building skills and knowledge. As children master an activity, they are shown ways to extend their skills or given a presentation of a new activity to work on. Children are guided in their choices as required and activities are rotated as needed to provide new challenges, as part of our prepared environment.
  • How do you cater to all children?
    The Montessori method of education individualises each child’s education program, so that they can follow their interests and be challenged at the level that is right for them.
  • Does my child need to be toilet trained before starting preschool?
    Yes, it is a requirement that children be out of nappies prior to commencing at the preschool. If toilet training prior to their planned start is not going to plan, please speak to our staff for ideas and support.
  • What do the children eat while at school?
    Children are asked to bring a piece of fruit or a vegetable for shared morning tea each day. They all are given the opportunity to participate in food preparation as part of Practical Life. The school also supplies food towards other food preparation activities which vary according to the season and children’s needs. Children that stay for the afternoon have lunch at 12.00pm each day. Parents are asked to supply a healthy lunch for their children. The children eat lunch together at a dining table, using plates and cutlery, to help build table manners and social skills. Those children staying for the afternoon are asked to bring another piece of fruit or vegetable for shared afternoon tea. All foods brought to school must not contain nuts, in accordance with our strict nut free policy.
  • Why should children complete the full three year program?
    Each of the activities in Montessori have a purpose, and build towards the next step in your child’s knowledge, designed as a three-year program. For example, as a 3-year-old, your child may start spooning grains from one bowl to another, without realising that one of the purposes of the activity is mastering the tripod grip they will later use to hold their pencil. The activities completed in the first two years prepare the children for the Kindergarten program, where many of the concepts they learnt previously are brought together. The children also benefit from and look forward to the opportunity to be the leaders in the classroom, as opposed to being the youngest in the school at a conventional primary school. This builds independence, confidence and self-esteem, which prepares them well for moving on to primary school.
  • Which primary schools do children go to after completing Lindfield Montessori?
    Our students have gone on to many different primary schools in the area, including public schools, systemic Catholic schools and private primary schools. We have also have students move to other Montessori schools in Sydney that offer primary school level classes. Children leaving from our Kindergarten / extended day program usually enter their next school at a Year 1 level.
  • Can I access a copy of the school's annual report?
    Yes, please click the link below to access our most recent annual report. Previous years are also available, please contact the school on to be emailed copies.
  • What are the school fees?
    We are a not-for-profit school and aim to keep our fees as low as possible. Our daily rate from 8:30am to 3:30pm is $89.80. This rate is inclusive of the NSW Fee Relief Program for a child who is enrolled for a minimum of 15 hours per week. The 2024 fee schedule can be found here.
  • Are you Registered for the Child Care Subsidy?
    At present, Lindfield Montessori Preschool does not receive the Childcare Subsidy as we are only open during term time, and not the 48 weeks of the year that is required to be eligible for the program. We do however pass on savings via the NSW Government Fee Relief Program, which saves families up to $4,220 per year if they are enrolled for a minimum of 15 hours per week. Please note that you cannot receive fee relief at more than one early childhood education service.
  • I still have questions, how can I find out more?
    If you would like to find out more, a great way to have your questions answered is to book a classroom visit. You are also welcome to email us directly with any questions to
Fee Enquiry

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