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Out of Hours
School Care

Lindfield Montessori offers a 7:30am - 8:30am morning OOSH service. Our OOSH services provide high quality care for children enrolled at Lindfield Montessori School.

We do this by offering a relaxed, respectful, child centred service that has underpinnings of the core values of the Montessori philosophy within all that we do such as creating a carefully prepared environment, allowing children choice, providing age appropriate freedom within limits, encouraging a love of learning and curiosity, and respecting the needs of the child.

We are committed to incorporating feedback into our planning and programming from our families, our children and our staff to provide an enjoyable, interesting and stimulating experience for all children. 

The high standards of the National Quality Framework and AMI core principles inform our practice, and we consistently seek ways to ensure the quality and continuous improvement of our OOSH Service at Lindfield Montessori for all.

Breakfast Club 

7:30am - 8:30am, Monday to Friday 

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Fee Enquiry

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