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0-3 years

Our Toddler program is open to all families in the area and is a wonderful way to get started in Montessori with your little one. These programs are facilitated by a Montessori AMI trained Director of Assistants to Infancy. 

A parent attends the program for one morning per week with a specific age group. The 0-3 is a prepared environment of activities reflecting the Montessori philosophy to meet the needs of the child.

Parent education is also an important aspect of the program, to learn about your child’s development, and linking your home environment to the Montessori philosophy.

Toddler Transition 

In the toddler transition class, the parents and their child meet once a week (one and half hours) in a prepared environment. This program offers the child the opportunity to explore the prepared environment and to explore the beginning of practical life activities, as well as ready themselves for the Parent Toddler Program. 

Parent Toddler Program

The Parent Toddler Program is a two hour weekly session for parents and their toddlers who engage in a range of activities in an environment that is specially prepared for this toddler. This special environment is prepared for the child’s growing independence, self-esteem and supports the development of confidence and concentration.

Class Schedule

Parent Toddler Transition Class:

15 months - 18 months

9am - 10.30am


Parent Toddler Program:

18 months - 36 months

9am - 11am

Tuesday or Wednesday 

*Classes run during term time.


"...a prepared environment of activities..."

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