Welcome Back!

Updated: Mar 11

Once, again welcome back to school for 2021! The staff have all been excited to see familiar faces return to school as well as meeting the new children too! By Friday, we were all saying how very well the children are settling with only a few wobbly moments for children coming in today. The children have been reconnecting with their favourite work and activities and all were surprised by the new look of the indoor environment! You can see a little of it in the photo above. The new children were keen to know how things work and we have been busily connecting all of them to activities. Overall we have had a busy hive of activity and excitement!

It has also been good to catch up on the news from parents too. The summer break can seem short but so much happens in those 6 weeks!

A big thank you to all of our families who have embraced the Passtab system seamlessly and we thank you for coming prepared to sign in and out each day. The system is helping us to keep accurate and easily accessible records. Please ensure that you let us know if you receive an error message or for some reason the code does not work as otherwise your child is not legally signed in or out which is a Government regulation that we must follow.

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